Self-sampling of cod in the Celtic Sea

Other titles Auto-échantillonnage du cabillaud dans la mer celtique
Type Report
Date 2008-06-30
Language English
Author(s) Bellail Robert, Peronnet Isabelle, Rochet Marie-Joelle, Lamothe Julien
Mot-Clé(s) protocole, rejet, chalutier, echantillonnage, mer Celtique, Cabillaud
Keyword(s) protocole, discard, trawler, sampling, Celtic sea, Cod
Abstract Since 2003, the application of restrictive TAC for cod in area VIIb-k has led some French Professional Organisations to manage their restrictive quota by imitations of landings by trip or period or by prohibiting the landings of the smallest commercial category. In consequence of that, le level of discarding has increased by high grading practice. In the lack of available and reliable data to estimate the level of discarding and the amount of discarded fish, the assessment of Celtic Sea Cod in Divisions VIIe-k has been in recent years more and more uncertain, especially in estimating younger year classes, for a fishery which can be qualified as a recruitment fishery. On a Professional Organisation (PMA= Pêcheries Manche-Atlantique) initiative and in the aim to improve the quality of the French database of Celtic Sea cod, a self sampling protocol proposed by Ifremer has been applied by PMA to some bottom trawlers trips. The sampling operations have started in January 2008. The sampling protocol is described in Annex. This document presents a preliminary analysis of the available samples, aiming at analysing the variability in caught and discarded quantities and in sorting. Results of the validation of the self sampling of retained catch by sampling at landing are also proposed.
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