Serving GODAE Data and Products to the Ocean Community

The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE []) has spanned a decade of rapid technological development. The ever-increasing volume and diversity of oceanographic data produced by in situ instruments, remote-sensing platforms, and computer simulations have driven the development of a number of innovative technologies that are essential for connecting scientists with the data that they need. This paper gives an overview of the technologies that have been developed and applied in the course of GODAE, which now provide users of oceanographic data with the capability to discover, evaluate, visualize, download, and analyze data from all over the world. The key to this capability is the ability to reduce the inherent complexity of oceanographic data by providing a consistent, harmonized view of the various data products. The challenges of data serving have been addressed over the last 10 years through the cooperative skills and energies of many individuals.

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Blower Jon D., Blanc Frederique, Clancy Mike, Cornillon Peter, Donlon Craig, Hacker Peter, Haines Keith, Hankin Steve C., Loubrieu Thomas, Pouliquen Sylvie, Price Martin, Pugh Timothy F., Srinivasan Ashwanth (2009). Serving GODAE Data and Products to the Ocean Community. Oceanography. 22 (3). 70-79.

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