The FETCH experiment: An overview - art. no. 8053

The "flux, etat de la mer, et tele'de'tection en conditions de fetch variable'' (FETCH) was aimed at studying the physical processes associated with air-sea exchanges and mesoscale oceanic circulation in a coastal region dominated by frequent strong offshore winds. The experiment took place in March-April 1998 in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea (Gulf of Lion). Observations were collected with the R/V L'Atalante, with an air-sea interaction spar (ASIS) buoy, with waverider buoys, and with research aircraft equipped for in situ and remote sensing measurements. The present paper is an introduction to the following special section, which groups 12 papers (including this one) presenting results on turbulent flux measurements at the ocean surface, on the behavior of the marine atmospheric boundary layer, on the ocean waves characteristics, on the ocean circulation, and on remote sensing of surface parameters. This overview presents the background and objectives of FETCH, the experimental setup and operations, and the dominant atmospheric and oceanic conditions and introduces the different papers of the special section.


Gulf of Lion, Coastal oceanography, Marine atmospheric boundary layer, Remote sensing, Surface ocean waves, Air/sea interactions

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Hauser Danièle, Branger H, Bouffies Cloche S, Despiau S, Drennan W, Dupuis H, Durand P, Durrieu de Madron X, Estournel C, Eymard L, Flamant C, Graber H, Guerin C, Kahma K, Lachaud G, Lefevre J, Pelon J, Petterson H, Piguet B, Queffeulou Pierre, Tailliez D, Tournadre Jean, Weill A (2003). The FETCH experiment: An overview - art. no. 8053. Journal of Geophysical Union - Research C - Oceans. 108 (C3). NIL_27-NIL_41.,

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