Aromas potentiality of tuna cooking juice concentrated by nanofiltration

Tuna cooking juices contain high organic load preventing the rejection in the environment without treatment. But the effluents present an interesting fishy odour and it is worth recovering aroma compounds. In this work, two industrial tuna cooking juices were concentrated by nanofiltration. Nanofiltration performance was discussed in terms of permeation fluxes, organic matter retention and impact on the aromatic properties of juices. NF sharply decreases the global intensity of juices and modifies their aromatic equilibrium. However, the main characteristics and the marine nature of juices were kept. A pre-treatment by microfiltration (MF) induces a marked increase in permeation fluxes during NF concentration while it slightly affects the aromatic properties of juice. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Tuna cooking juice, Aromas concentration, Membrane separation, Nanofiltration, Sensory analysis

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Walha Khaled, Ben Amar Raja, Masse Anthony, Bourseau Patrick, Cardinal Mireille, Cornet Josiane, Prost Carole, Jaouen Pascal (2011). Aromas potentiality of tuna cooking juice concentrated by nanofiltration. Lwt-food Science And Technology. 44 (1). 153-157.,

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