Report of the Working Group on Assessment of New MoU Species (WGNEW) 11-15 October 2010 ICES HQ, Denmark

Type Report
Date 2010
Language English
Ref. ICES CM 2010/ACOM: 21
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Contributor(s) Mahe Jean-Claude, Mahe KeligORCID, Bellail Robert, Drogou Mickael
Abstract WGNEW was established in 2005 and met in 2005 and 2007. The main task of WGNEW is to provide information on the new species of the MoU between ICES and the EC: sea bass, striped red mullet, red gurnard, tub gurnard, grey gurnard, turbot, brill, dab, flounder, lemon sole, witch flounder. Later John dory was added to this list. During the 2007 meeting it was felt that many data on these species had been collected by different institutes, but that very often, these data were not analysed, or otoliths had been collected but were not aged. WGNEW therefore applied for funding through the EC to make these essential data available, and in a few cases some small scale additional sampling was done. This year the results of a 12 month project became available. In this project, “NESPMAN Improving the knowledge of the biology and the fisheries of the new species for management” ( /index_en.htm), all institutes represented in WGNEW participated. During this year’s meeting, the WG had the ambitious plan to provide for all species a 3- to 4-page summary, plus an Annex with a compilation of all data from the previous two reports and the NESPMAN report. This meant that by the end of the 5-day meeting the report was not yet finished. Below, the main conclusions are summarised per species. (...)
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