Démarche d'amélioration des DCP à la Martinique

Since 1983, the research on the optimal conception of FADs in Martinique was particularly focused on the improvement of their resistance to different maritime or human aggressions. Following several experimentations made with different types of fads, the choice was brought on light devices anchored in 1 500 to 2 000 m depths and an experimental approach was conducted to identify the causes of loss of fads and to attempt to modelize their hydrodynamic behaviour with relation to the sea conditions. Three mathematical models are used to simulate the fad behaviour under current action and swell, and to estimate the forces exerted on each part of the device. The results of this study are presented. The fad design used nowadays for the development of pelagic fishing in Martinique, recommendations for maintenance and preservation of the fads are also proposed.Original Abstract: De 1983 a 1994, les recherches sur une conception optimale des DCP de la Martinique ont ete plus particulierement orientees sur l'amelioration de leur resistance aux diverses agressions marines ou humaines. Suite aux multiples experimentations menees avec differents types de DCP, le choix de systemes legers ancres par fonds de 1 500 a 2 000 m a conduit a une demarche scientifique comprenant a la fois une analyse des causes de perte des DCP et la modelisation de leur comportement hydrodynamique en fonction des conditions de mer. Les resultats de ce programme ainsi que le plan du DCP retenu pour le developpement de la peche des poissons pelagiques en Martinique sont presentes. Des recommandations pour la maintenance et la preservation des dispositifs sont egalement proposees.


Attracting techniques, Fishing technology, Maintenance and repair, Tuna fisheries, Article Geographic Terms: ASW, Caribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles, Lesser Antilles, Martinique

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Guillou Annie, Lagin Alain-Sabin, Lebeau Alain, Priour Daniel, Repecaud Michel, Reynal Lionel, Sacchi Jacques, Taquet Marc (2000). Démarche d'amélioration des DCP à la Martinique. Pêche thonière et dispositifs de concentration de poissons, Caribbean-Martinique, 15-19 Oct 1999 15-19 octobre 1999. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00042/15287/

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