Gridded surface wind fields from Metop/ASCAT measurements

This article deals with the calculation and validation of daily surface wind vector fields from wind speed and direction observations derived from Advanced SCATterometer (ASCAT) scatterometer measurements over the global ocean. According to the ASCAT sampling scheme, the objective method allowing for the determination of regular in space and time wind speed and direction fields uses ASCAT observations as well as European Centre for Medium Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) analyses. The latter are considered as external drift for the kriging method and as the temporal interpolation basis for ASCAT retrievals. This study focuses on the investigation of the capability of the method to add valuable wind information to the operational atmospheric analyses and on the quality of the resulting wind fields. The accuracy of the former is determined through comprehensive comparisons with daily winds calculated from moored buoy data. At global and regional scales, comparisons are performed with surface wind patterns derived from the ECMWF analysis and from ECMWF Re-analysis project (ERA-Interim) re-analyses.

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Bentamy Abderrahim, Croize-Fillon Denis (2012). Gridded surface wind fields from Metop/ASCAT measurements. International Journal Of Remote Sensing. 33 (6). 1729-1754.,

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