A GIS interface to the French Fisheries Information System of Ifremer

The Fisheries Information System of Ifremer aims to build an operational and multidisciplinary monitoring network for scientific purposes, allowing a comprehensive view of fishery systems including their biological, technical, environmental and economical components. One of its objectives consists in elaborating and providing data and indicators for a widespread public (researchers, fishermen, administration, general public…), including bio-economic diagnostics and assessment of the short and long-term impacts of fisheries management scenario and measures. To further an integrated analysis of the fishery systems, the wide range kinds of data (landings, efforts, biological or environmental observations, economic data…) are managed in a single data management system, based on an integrated relational data base with geographical facilities. Recent Ifremer developments have been dedicated to design, set up and interface a GIS to the FIS integrated database. Several data sources are combined together in the GIS, including the FIS fisheries data, but also complementary data such as regulation and administrative information, environmental, physical or climatology layers. For the fisheries data, the GIS is interfaced to the data warehouse-like part of the database made of aggregates being generated regularly on the ‘raw’ data part (as collected within the FIS system). With the GIS interface, the FIS provides a tool to the stakeholders, to get a comprehensive, integrated and readable overview of the fisheries activity. This GIS is going to be available on-line by the end of 2008 on the FIS web site (http://www.ifremer.fr/sih), by controlled access (login/password) but also in a public version (restricted data access).

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Harscoat Valerie, Leblond Emilie, Treguer Mickael, Berthou Patrick (2008). A GIS interface to the French Fisheries Information System of Ifremer. ICES 2008 Annual Science Conference, 22-26 september 2008, HALIFAX, CANADA. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00059/17001/

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