Cloning and expression analysis of allograft inflammatory factor type 1 in coelomocytes of antarctic sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri)

Type Article
Date 2012-08
Language English
Author(s) Ovando Fernanda1, Gimpel Carla1, Cardenas Constanza2, Machado Cunha Da Silva Jose Roberto3, de Lorgeril JulienORCID4, Gonzalez Marcelo1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Inst Antartico Chileno, Lab Biorrecursos Antarticos, Punta Arenas, Chile.
2 : Pontificia Univ Catolica Valparaiso, Nucleo Biotecnol Curauma, Valparaiso, Chile.
3 : Univ Sao Paulo, CEBIMar, Inst Ciencias Biomed 1, Dept Histol & Embriol, BR-05508 Sao Paulo, Brazil.
4 : IFREMER, Univ Montpellier 2, CNRS, IRD,UMR Ecosyst Lagunaires 5119, F-34095 Montpellier 5, France.
Source Journal Of Shellfish Research (0730-8000) (Natl Shellfisheries Assoc), 2012-08 , Vol. 31 , N. 3 , P. 875-883
DOI 10.2983/035.031.0336
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Keyword(s) Antarctica, sea urchin, Sterechinus neumayeri, coelomocytes, gene expression, AIF-1
Abstract We have cloned and characterized for the first time an allograft inflammatory factor 1 (Sn-AIF-1) from the Antarctic sea urchin. We report the cloning of Sn-AIF-1 cDNA and the characterization of its expression in coelomocytes after a bacterial challenge. The cDNA Sn-AIF-1 has a size of 608 bp and encodes a polypeptide of 151 aa. The deduced amino acid sequence has a putative size of 17.430 Da, an isoelectric point of 4.92, and shows 2 elongation factor handlike motifs that normally bind calcium ions. BLAST analysis revealed close matches with other known AIF-1. The deduced amino acid sequence of Sn-AIF-1 showed high homology with AIF-1 in vertebrates such as fish, mice, and humans; and in the case of invertebrates, the major degree of identity (55%) was with a predicted sequence of the purple sea urchin AIF-1, and 52% corresponded to a sponge. Expression of Sn-AIF-1 mRNA was analyzed by qPCR. Sn-AIF-1 mRNA expression was measured from coelomocytes after a bacterial challenge using RT-PCR and revealed that the gene was upregulated after 24 h. Sn-AIF-1 could participate in the inflammatory response, particularly in the activation of coelomocytes and their survival.
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Ovando Fernanda, Gimpel Carla, Cardenas Constanza, Machado Cunha Da Silva Jose Roberto, de Lorgeril Julien, Gonzalez Marcelo (2012). Cloning and expression analysis of allograft inflammatory factor type 1 in coelomocytes of antarctic sea urchin (Sterechinus neumayeri). Journal Of Shellfish Research, 31(3), 875-883. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :