JERICO. Terms of reference of the Forum for Coastal Technologies (FCT) D#1.3

This report presents the JERICO Forum for Coastal Technologies (FCT). In Europe there is a high level of research in public and academic institutes, but this research doesn't always lead to instruments that are able to be used in an operational way. To give momentum, one must create (or make understandable) the value of the technology to the instrument user. Companies need visibility to invest in the oceanographic market (which is a niche market). Looking outside the traditional technical and scientific environment, many technologies could be suitable to develop new sensors. On the other hand, many instrument users don't have a sound knowledge of the available market. In the above context, JERICO organises a ‘Forum for Coastal Technologies (FCT)’. This forum aims to facilitate informal exchanges on scientific and technical topics/issues related to the coastal environment monitoring. In particular the FCT should : • provide a strong interface between SMEs, industry, stakeholders and science & technology, e.g. by joint developments and technology transfer, • provide a market intelligence tool, indicator of the tendencies/growth in the JERICO related market for instruments and services, • seed an Euro-Act, based on the model and in close collaboration with the USAlliance for Coastal Technologies (ACT) organisation, • provide an unbiased third party test-bed for sensors and measuring systems, • analyse the market, forecasting scientific and societal needs for new coastal observations, • identify upcoming standards for quality assessment and for reducing equipment and maintenance costs, by exchanging ideas about best practices, • sustain joint research and development initiatives on sensors and platforms. As a first step to set up this forum, the FCT "Terms of Reference" has been prepared. This latter describes the expected activities such as workshops and experiments organization. This is documented in section 1. A dedicated webpage is available at The expected main outcome of the FCT is to get industry and sensor users working together in a win-win situation. To initiate this, online surveys have been carried out with Surveymonkey®. The first FCT survey has been dedicated and completed by the JERICO’s partners. The aims were to determine the FCT’s perimeter and boundaries. The results of this first survey are given in annex 1. To date, a second survey is still in progress. Basically, this survey is dedicated to companies (major groups and SMEs) that either develop, use or supply sensors, instrumentation and platforms to monitor coastal oceanographic parameters and processes. The aims of this second questionnaire are to : • assess the industry knowledge about the oceanographic community needs. • evaluate how the sensor user community is aware of the last R&D developments and commercial offers .

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