JERICO. Rationale and definitions for a common strategy. D-1.2

The objectives of JERICO are to address the challenge of observing the complexity and high variability of coastal areas at Pan-european level, in the framework established by European Directives (WFD, MSFD) and the operational marine services (GMES) by: - setting up an European Research Infrastructure for coastal observations based on existing systems in European coastal and shelf seas. - supporting standardization of methodologies for the benefit of data quality, data availability and cost efficiency. - promoting the cost-effective use of the facilities. - stimulating the development of new automated systems for the operational monitoring of the coastal marine, environment, with focus on the biochemical, compartment. To reach these objectives the JERICO consortium has the ambition to elaborate guidelines, uality label and the so-called Common Strategy for the future. Thus JERICO requires a consensual vision and share understanding of what the common strategy is to be, as well as an efficient and targeted coordination between the projects elements, organized as workpackages. These necessary clarifications and guidelines are summarized in the present deliverable, which aims at: - establishing key elements of the JERICO common strategy on European coastal observatories (section 4) - reviewing on existing best practices for JERICOs observing platforms (Section 5) - introducing a roadmap, for each workpackage, for gathering the necessary information and knowledge in view of the consolidation of the common strategy, with emphasis on the expectation from each WP and the necessary interaction between WPs (section 6). As a guideline document this report will drive JERICO activities during the contract duration. In addition it will help to enhance interactions in-between WPs, as an internal support document, and in-between communities related to the 3 different platforms (gliders, fixed platforms and ferryboxes) as a public document. It is a first stage of a general state-of-the art related to coastal observation systems, from which the consortium will build upon to establish a roadmap for the future.

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