The Nme gene family in fish

The Nme gene family, also known as Nm23 or NDPK, is a very ancient gene family that can be found in all kingdoms of life. In the late eighties, a gene of the Nme family, NME1, was identified as the first metastatic suppressor gene, resulting in a major interest for this family. Due to the complexity of the family, the need for a unified and evolutionary-supported gene nomenclature was recently stressed by the scientific community. Based on a complete evolutionary history study of the gene family in metazoans and vertebrates, a unified nomenclature was recently proposed and accepted by gene nomenclature consortia. In addition to its well-documented role in tumor metastasis, members of the Nme family are also involved in a wide variety of cellular and physiological processes. Available data in non-mammalian species remain, however, scarce with the noticeable exception of Drosophila in which a major role in development was reported. In fish, very few studies have specifically investigated the role of nme genes. Several transcriptomic and proteomic studies have, however, revealed the expression of nme genes in various fish organs and tissues, in mature oocytes, and during embryonic development. Altogether, interest for the Nme gene family in fish is growing and new functions/roles in fish biology are expected to be discovered in the forthcoming years. Here, we briefly review the current knowledge of the Nme family in fish.


Nm23, NDPK, RP2, Teleost, Oocyte, Ovary

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