Spatial and temporal characteristics of wind and wind power off the coasts of Brittany

The main objective of this paper is to thoroughly examine the remotely sensed wind characteristics around the coasts of Brittany as well as some more specific areas. The offshore wind power potential is then assessed. To achieve this objective, information on wind speed and direction with sufficient spatial and temporal sampling under all weather conditions and during day and night is required. This study uses more than 12 years (December 1999–December 2012) of consistent remotely sensed data retrieved from the ASCAT and QuikSCAT scatterometers to estimate the conventional moments and associated wind distribution parameters. The latter are comparable to wind observations from meteorological stations. Furthermore, combining in-situ and scatterometer wind information enables an improved assessment of the spatial and temporal wind structures at specific locations of interest to be made. The wind statistical results are used to study the spatial and temporal patterns of the wind power. Although the main parameters characterizing wind power potential such as mean, variability, maximum energy, wind speed and intra-annual exhibit seasonal features, significant inter-annual variability is also depicted. Furthermore, differences are found between the wind power estimated for northern and for southern Brittany.


Wind, Energy, Scatterometer, Remote sensing, Brittany

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Bentamy Abderrahim, Croize-Fillon Denis (2014). Spatial and temporal characteristics of wind and wind power off the coasts of Brittany. Renewable Energy. 66. 670-679.,

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