Developmental toxicity of PAH mixtures in fish early life stages. Part II: adverse effects in Japanese medaka

In aquatic environments, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) mostly occur as complex mixtures, for which risk assessment remains problematic. To better understand the effects of PAH mixture toxicity on fish early life stages, this study compared the developmental toxicity of three PAH complex mixtures. These mixtures were extracted from a PAH-contaminated sediment (Seine estuary, France) and two oils (Arabian Light and Erika). For each fraction, artificial sediment was spiked at three different environmental concentrations roughly equivalent to 0.5, 4, and 10 μg total PAH g−1 dw. Japanese medaka embryos were incubated on these PAH-spiked sediments throughout their development, right up until hatching. Several endpoints were recorded at different developmental stages, including acute endpoints, morphological abnormalities, larvae locomotion, and genotoxicity (comet and micronucleus assays). The three PAH fractions delayed hatching, induced developmental abnormalities, disrupted larvae swimming activity, and damaged DNA at environmental concentrations. Differences in toxicity levels, likely related to differences in PAH proportions, were highlighted between fractions. The Arabian Light and Erika petrogenic fractions, containing a high proportion of alkylated PAHs and low molecular weight PAHs, were more toxic to Japanese medaka early life stages than the pyrolytic fraction. This was not supported by the toxic equivalency approach, which appeared unsuitable for assessing the toxicity of the three PAH fractions to fish early life stages. This study highlights the potential risks posed by environmental mixtures of alkylated and low molecular weight PAHs to early stages of fish development.


Developmental abnormalities, Comet assay, Micronucleus assay, Larvae locomotion, Oil extract, Pyrolytic extract, Medaka embryo-larval assay

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Le Bihanic Florane, Clerandeau Christelle, Le Menach Karyn, Morin Benedicte, Budzinski Helene, Cousin Xavier, Cachot Jerome (2014). Developmental toxicity of PAH mixtures in fish early life stages. Part II: adverse effects in Japanese medaka. Environmental Science And Pollution Research. 21 (24). 13732-13743.,

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