JERICO. First FCT Activities Report. D#1.6

This report describes the different actions carried out within the Forum for Coastal Technology framework. FCT’s actions were implemented to better encourage collaboration between public stakeholders (scientists, managers, executives, ..) and private companies to ensure a common and coherent approach of the technical developments for operational oceanographic systems. In that sense, the two main FCT actions for this first JERICO’s year were dedicated to (1) enquire about needs and expectations from companies manufacturing oceanographic instrumentations and sensors companies and (2) the organisation of the first FCT workshop at the Sea Tech Week event in Brest (France, october 2012).

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Puillat Ingrid, Aoustin Yannick, Monbet Philippe, Nolan Glenn (2013). JERICO. First FCT Activities Report. D#1.6. Ref. D1.6.

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