JERICO. Report after the Strategic workshop # 1 (Heraklion)

One of the main JERICO objectives is to establish a strategy for the future of the coastal observation. In other words, firstly JERICO has both to perform the state of the art with regards to European coastal observation systems and to help harmonizing technologies and sharing knowledge. Then according to the results of this first stage, the project will deliver a strategic plan to step forward. As a starting point, a roadmap was written in deliverable D1.2 “Rationale and Definitions for a Common Strategy” to give a framework to the project participants and inform about intentions. The following step in the process was to organise a strategic workshop #1 which is reported in this document. In the following report presentations made during the workshop are exposed. The first part of the minutes report is dedicated to examples of national coastal observation strategies from: • USA: Janet Newton, University of Washington • France: Patrick Farcy, IFREMER. • Greece: Georges Petihakis, HCMR • Germany: Wilhelm Petersen, COSYNA. • Spain: Julien Mader, AZTI. • Spain: Joaquin Tintore, CSIC-IMEDEA. • Ireland: Glenn Nolan,MI. • UK: David Hydes, NERC. In the second part of the workshop minutes, discussions on the potential future strategy for the coastal observatories in Europe are reviewed, as well as discussions on the possible lobbying to support the future implementation of the future strategy. This last part is a starting point to set in motion a common reflection on a European strategy for coastal observatories. Instead of only reporting the words and discussions occurred during the meeting, authors also report their analysis of the given information in order to put forward specific issues with regards to the national strategies: gathered information with regards to common issues specific to build a strategy for the future: - the scientific strategy, - the infrastructure integration in a national or regional observation system; - the strategy for innovation and to better link with the private sector, - the strategy to flow the data in an integrated data management system and to communicate with scientists, stakeholders and general public. To conclude with this document authors analyses the gathered information versus the missing one in order to better focus the upcoming work and the next workshop. Conclusions also highlight the need of a coordinated implementation and encompassing European governance and the necessity to enhance the links with modeling community.

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Farcy Patrick, Puillat Ingrid, Durand Dominique, Beaume Nolwenn, Pichard Maelle (2013). JERICO. Report after the Strategic workshop # 1 (Heraklion). Ref. JERICO-WP1-WS-Minutes-031012-V3.

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