JERICO. WP10 Workshop Report

A workshop was held on October 16th to 18th 2013 at the Villefranche observatory to outline progress on emerging technologies within the JERICO FP7 project (Work-package 10). A particular focus of the workshop was to invite researchers outside the project consortium to: • Learn of technology developments within JERICO and • Present results of their own experiments and technology development The workshop was a mixture of invited talks and practical demonstrations of some of the technologies involved. There were a total of 24 invited talks and 2 additional practical demonstrations. The talks focused on 5 key tasks within the emerging technologies area: 10.1 Biological compartments 10.2 Contaminants 10.3 Profiling technologies 10.4 Ships/vessels of opportunity 10.5 Ferrybox Quality Control algorithm development In parallel to the workshop, DO sensors inter-comparison exercise has been done in Villefranche/Mer (following the calibration experiment done in IFREMER, Brest). The objective was to compare the accuracy and precision of existing sensors used in coastal oceanography. Five sensors have been selected: SBE43 and SBE63 (SEABIRD), optode 4330 and 3975 (Aanderaa) and one HOBO (Onset). These sensors have been deployed 2 times at 2 depths (October and December 2013) with successive oxygen Winkler sampling (used as reference). More details will be available on the report (in preparation). This report contains a summary of the work presented by various researchers who attended the workshop. The slides of each presentation are listed in this report, section by section.

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