JERICO. Report after 1st General Assembly and JERICO Best Practices Workshop - Oct. 2012

The First JERICO General Assembly was organised in Heraklion on 1st & 2nd Oct. 2012. The coordinators took the opportunity of this important meeting, where most of partners were present, to organise other specific workshops and meetings plus individual WP meetings. Indeed, partners met in an informal way in short parallel WP meetings on Monday morning to prepare for the General Assembly discussions and to coordinate WP activities. In the afternoon of 1st Oct., a dedicated meeting officially gathered the TNA (Trans National Access) selection panel to debrief and conclude after the first TNA call and selection process. Up until the meeting date, 6 proposals have been given the green light and needed to be definitively validated to start. In addition, 3 proposals were still on post-evaluation and the panel had to conclude these post-evaluations. A minute of the TNA selection panel meeting, including final decisions, is provided in this report (see section 4). The General Assembly started on Monday afternoon and finished Tuesday evening. This is reported in section 5. Then a Steering committee meeting concluded the General Assembly and is reported in a dedicated document. Considering the need to anticipate the strategy for the future of coastal observatories, one of the main JERICO final objectives (deliverable D1.11), the coordinator decided to initiate discussions on the related topic by organising a dedicated workshop on Wednesday. Discussions and conclusions are reported in a dedicated report. To carry on WP3 and WP4 activities and to improve cross exchanges between both WPs, a workshop on Best Practices was organised on Thursday and Friday. Outcomes of the workshop are reported in section 6. A synthesis of discussions is reported in the document.

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Farcy Patrick, Puillat Ingrid, Petihakis Georges (2013). JERICO. Report after 1st General Assembly and JERICO Best Practices Workshop - Oct. 2012. Ref. MS11.2.

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