Fifteen years of ocean observations with the global Argo array

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Date 2016-02
Language English
Author(s) Riser Stephen C.1, Freeland Howard J.2, Roemmich Dean3, Wijffels Susan4, Troisi Ariel5, Belbeoch Mathieu6, Gilbert Denis7, Xu Jianping8, Pouliquen SylvieORCID9, Thresher Ann4, Le Traon Pierre-YvesORCID10, 11, Maze GuillaumeORCID9, Klein Birgit12, Ravichandran M.13, Grant Fiona14, Poulain Pierre-Marie15, Suga Toshio16, 17, Lim Byunghwan18, Sterl Andreas19, Sutton Philip20, Mork Kjell-Arne21, Joaquin Velez-Belch Pedro22, Ansorge Isabelle23, King Brian24, Turton Jon25, Baringer Molly26, Jayne Steven R.27
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Source Nature Climate Change (1758-678X) (Nature Publishing Group), 2016-02 , Vol. 6 , N. 2 , P. 145-153
DOI 10.1038/NCLIMATE2872
WOS© Times Cited 328
Abstract More than 90% of the heat energy accumulation in the climate system between 1971 and the present has been in the ocean. Thus, the ocean plays a crucial role in determining the climate of the planet. Observing the oceans is problematic even under the most favourable of conditions. Historically, shipboard ocean sampling has left vast expanses, particularly in the Southern Ocean, unobserved for long periods of time. Within the past 15 years, with the advent of the global Argo array of pro ling oats, it has become possible to sample the upper 2,000 m of the ocean globally and uniformly in space and time. The primary goal of Argo is to create a systematic global network of pro ling oats that can be integrated with other elements of the Global Ocean Observing System. The network provides freely available temperature and salinity data from the upper 2,000 m of the ocean with global coverage. The data are available within 24 hours of collection for use in a broad range of applications that focus on examining climate-relevant variability on seasonal to decadal timescales, multidecadal climate change, improved initialization of coupled ocean–atmosphere climate models and constraining ocean analysis and forecasting systems.
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Riser Stephen C., Freeland Howard J., Roemmich Dean, Wijffels Susan, Troisi Ariel, Belbeoch Mathieu, Gilbert Denis, Xu Jianping, Pouliquen Sylvie, Thresher Ann, Le Traon Pierre-Yves, Maze Guillaume, Klein Birgit, Ravichandran M., Grant Fiona, Poulain Pierre-Marie, Suga Toshio, Lim Byunghwan, Sterl Andreas, Sutton Philip, Mork Kjell-Arne, Joaquin Velez-Belch Pedro, Ansorge Isabelle, King Brian, Turton Jon, Baringer Molly, Jayne Steven R. (2016). Fifteen years of ocean observations with the global Argo array. Nature Climate Change, 6(2), 145-153. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :