GlobCoast, a new dataset for coastal water OCR

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Date 2016-10-24
Language English
Author(s) Dessailly David1, Loisel Hubert1, 2, 3, 4, Steinmetz François6, Vantrepotte Vincent1, 5, Satra Le Bris Catherine7, Ramon Didier6, Meillon Julien7
Affiliation(s) 1 : Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale, LOG, UMR 8187, Wimereux, France
2 : VAST-STI, Hanoi, Vietnam
3 : HILO-USTH, Hanoi, Vietnam
4 : LEGOS, Toulouse, France
5 : CNRS, LEEISA, Cayenne, Guyane, France
6 : HYGEOS, Lille, France
7 : IFREMER, France
Meeting Ocean Optics XXIII, October 23–28, 2016, Victoria, BC, Canada
Abstract In the frame of GlobCoast project (11/2012-11/2015), funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), a completely new dataset covering the global coastal waters has been processed. For MERIS period (2002-2012), SPM, Chlorophyl, acdom, DOC, Kd, anw and bbp, are now available at global scale at 1 km resolution. Monthly climatologies (with variation coefficient), eight days and monthly means are available. Results of advanced time series analysis from census-X11 method (trend, seasonal and irregular contribution) are also available. The data, projected on a sinusoidal equal-area grid, have been filtered to only keep the coastal waters. Even with filtering each image has a potential of 64 millions of pixels. To deal with this a specific storage format have been defined in order to optimize both processing and storage of this dataset. This format and the data model used for storage, using Hierarchical Data Format (HDF), is presented.
This data set is made available through a web based platform hosted by Ifremer-Sextant in two different ways. First, the whole HDF products can be downloaded in their native format (source code examples in C and python are provided to access them) through a discovery service based on metadata catalog, using Geonetwok. A more user friendly way allows for vizualisation, selection and download of products via a web cartographic interface, based on Web Map Service (as defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium). By this way, data can be easily exported to any Geographical Information System. An overview of these web services is presented.
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Dessailly David, Loisel Hubert, Steinmetz François, Vantrepotte Vincent, Satra Le Bris Catherine, Ramon Didier, Meillon Julien (2016). GlobCoast, a new dataset for coastal water OCR. Ocean Optics XXIII, October 23–28, 2016, Victoria, BC, Canada.