GEOTRACES inter-calibration of the stable silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid in seawater

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Date 2017-03
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Author(s) Grasse Patricia1, 2, Brzezinski Mark A.2, Cardinal Damien3, de Souza Gregory F.4, Andersson Per3, Closset Ivia3, Cao Zhimian6, Dai Minhan6, Ehlert Claudia7, Estrade Nicolas8, 15, Francois Roger8, Frank Martin, Jiang Guibin9, Jones Janice L.2, Kooijman Ellen5, Liu Qian9, Lu Dawei9, Pahnke Katharina7, Ponzevera EmmanuelORCID10, Schmitt Melanie5, Sun Xiaole11, 16, Sutton Jill12, Thil Francois13, Weis Dominique8, Wetzel Florian4, Zhang Anyu14, Zhang Jing14, Zhang Zhouling6
Affiliation(s) 1 : GEOMAR, Helmholtz Ctr Ocean Res Kiel, Ocean Circulat & Climate Dynam, Wischhofstr 1-3, D-24148 Kiel, Germany.
2 : Univ Calif Santa Barbara, Inst Marine Sci, Dept Ecol Evolut & Marine Biol, Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA.
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Source Journal Of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (0267-9477) (Royal Soc Chemistry), 2017-03 , Vol. 32 , N. 3 , P. 562-578
DOI 10.1039/c6ja00302h
WOS© Times Cited 38

The first inter-calibration study of the stable silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid in seawater, delta Si-30(OH)(4), is presented as a contribution to the international GEOTRACES program. Eleven laboratories from seven countries analyzed two seawater samples from the North Pacific subtropical gyre (Station ALOHA) collected at 300 m and at 1000 m water depth. Sampling depths were chosen to obtain samples with a relatively low (9 mmol L-1, 300 m) and a relatively high (113 mmol L-1, 1000 m) silicic acid concentration as sample preparation differs for low- and highconcentration samples. Data for the 1000 m water sample were not normally distributed so the median is used to represent the central tendency for the two samples. Median delta Si-30(OH)(4) values of +1.66& for the low-concentration sample and +1.25& for the high-concentration sample were obtained. Agreement among laboratories is overall considered very good; however, small but statistically significant differences among the mean isotope values obtained by different laboratories were detected, likely reflecting inter-laboratory differences in chemical preparation including pre-concentration and purification methods together with different volumes of seawater analyzed, and the use of different mass spectrometers including the Neptune MC-ICP-MS (Thermo Fisher (TM), Germany), the Nu Plasma MC-ICP-MS (Nu Instruments (TM), Wrexham, UK), and the Finnigan (TM) (now Thermo Fisher (TM), Germany) MAT 252 IRMS. Future studies analyzing delta Si-30(OH)(4) in seawater should also analyze and report values for these same two reference waters in order to facilitate comparison of data generated among and within laboratories over time.

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Grasse Patricia, Brzezinski Mark A., Cardinal Damien, de Souza Gregory F., Andersson Per, Closset Ivia, Cao Zhimian, Dai Minhan, Ehlert Claudia, Estrade Nicolas, Francois Roger, Frank Martin, Jiang Guibin, Jones Janice L., Kooijman Ellen, Liu Qian, Lu Dawei, Pahnke Katharina, Ponzevera Emmanuel, Schmitt Melanie, Sun Xiaole, Sutton Jill, Thil Francois, Weis Dominique, Wetzel Florian, Zhang Anyu, Zhang Jing, Zhang Zhouling (2017). GEOTRACES inter-calibration of the stable silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicic acid in seawater. Journal Of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 32(3), 562-578. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :