JERICO-NEXT. Progress Report #1

The WP4 of the JERICO-Next is a synthesis of the project built upon activities in other WPs, gathering the consortium around applied Joint Research Activity Projects (JRAPs) selected to put forward the added value of JERICO-NEXT. In order to reach this objective, WP4 keeps on track the JERICO-NEXT course of actions via synthesis and application activities based on interactions with other WPs. WP4 helps establishing some topical approaches for the scientific strategy in WP1 (task 1.2) and will give inputs to establish the network strategy after JERICO-NEXT (task 1.6). Indeed, six JRAPs will be implemented to address different key environmental questions and/or policy requirements such as those considered by the MSFD, and according to the 6 JERICO scientific areas:

1- JRAP-1 on pelagic biodiversity

2- JRAP-2 on benthic biodiversity

3- JRAP-3 on chemical contaminant occurrence and related biological responses

4- JRAP-4 on hydrography and transport

5- JRAP-5 on carbon fluxes and carbonate system

6- JRAP-6 on operational oceanography.


This document reports the progress of the JRAP activities after 1 year in the project. In the following pages, for each JRAP, we report main achievements with comparison to the initial plan, the next steps, the acquired data (link with WP5), the acquired communication material (to feed WP8), and some specific points regarding the science strategy. Indeed, the previous WP4 deliverable (D.4.1) was dedicated to present the science strategy that could be deployed in JRAPs (but not only) and was then reviewed by the members of the Science and Technical Advisory Board (STAC). A meeting with the STAC was then organised the 7 September 2016 to discuss this strategy. As a conclusion JRAP teams were asked to address some common questions and some JRAP-specific ones. This meeting is reported in “Report of WP4 meeting with the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) &

Contributions to the JERICO-NEXT science strategy”, provided in annex of this document. In addition, this document also enhances some activities driven in coordination with other WPs such as the WP3.


The reported actions show that technical preparations were undertaken before deployment, some methodologies were reviewed, some field works are already done, some buoys and other systems are deployed and acquiring data, two WP3&4 joint workshops were organised. As a conclusion, JRAPs are well progressing with respect to their initial plans even if they are not developing along the same time line. Indeed some JRAPs already started their data acquisition, whereas some other will start this step later. Some important reported issues will be discussed during the next Steering committee Meeting to be held the 12-13 Dec. 2016. The upcoming important action in 2017 is to well coordinate the JRAPs data acquisition with the data management led in WP5, whereas 2018 will be more dedicated to work on the products delivered by JRAPs as JERICO-RI product prototypes.

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Puillat Ingrid, Karlson Bengt, Artigas Felipe, Grémare Antoine, Nizzetto Lucas, Rubio Anna, Laakso Lauri, Seppala Jukka, Mourre Baptiste (2016). JERICO-NEXT. Progress Report #1. Ref. JERICO-NEXT-WP4-D4.2-061216-V2.0.

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