The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 (GLODAPv2) - an internally consistent data product for the world ocean

Version 2 of the Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAPv2) data product is composed of data from 724 scientific cruises covering the global ocean. It includes data assembled during the previous efforts GLODAPv1.1 ( Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 1.1) in 2004, CARINA (CARbon IN the Atlantic) in 2009/2010, and PACIFICA (PACIFic ocean Interior CArbon) in 2013, as well as data from an additional 168 cruises. Data for 12 core variables ( salinity, oxygen, nitrate, silicate, phosphate, dissolved inorganic carbon, total alkalinity, pH, CFC-11, CFC-12, CFC-113, and CCl4) have been subjected to extensive quality control, including systematic evaluation of bias. The data are available in two formats: (i) as submitted but updated to WOCE exchange format and (ii) as a merged and internally consistent data product. In the latter, adjustments have been applied to remove significant biases, respecting occurrences of any known or likely time trends or variations. Adjustments applied by previous efforts were re-evaluated. Hence, GLODAPv2 is not a simple merging of previous products with some new data added but a unique, internally consistent data product. This compiled and adjusted data product is believed to be consistent to better than 0.005 in salinity, 1% in oxygen, 2% in nitrate, 2% in silicate, 2% in phosphate, 4 mu mol kg(-1) in dissolved inorganic carbon, 6 mu mol kg(-1) in total alkalinity, 0.005 in pH, and 5% for the halogenated transient tracers. The original data and their documentation and doi codes are available at the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center ( This site also provides access to the calibrated data product, which is provided as a single global file or four regional ones - the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans - under the doi: 10.3334/CDIAC/OTG.NDP093_GLODAPv2. The product files also include significant ancillary and approximated data. These were obtained by interpolation of, or calculation from, measured data. This paper documents the GLODAPv2 methods and products and includes a broad overview of the secondary quality control results. The magnitude of and reasoning behind each adjustment is available on a per-cruise and per-variable basis in the online Adjustment Table.

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Olsen Are, Key Robert M., Van Heuven Steven, Lauvset Siv K., Velo Anton, Lin Xiaohua, Schirnick Carsten, Kozyr Alex, Tanhua Toste, Hoppema Mario, Jutterstrom Sara, Steinfeldt Reiner, Jeansson Emil, Ishii Masao, Perez Florian, Suzuki Toru (2016). The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project version 2 (GLODAPv2) - an internally consistent data product for the world ocean. Earth System Science Data. 8 (2). 297-323.,

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