Remodeling of the cycling transcriptome of the oyster Crassostrea gigas by the harmful algae Alexandrium minutum

Type Article
Date 2017-06
Language English
Author(s) Payton Laura1, 2, Perrigault Mickael1, 2, Hoede Claire3, Massabuau Jean-Charles1, 2, Sow Mohamedou1, Huvet ArnaudORCID4, Boullot Floriane4, 5, Fabioux Caroline4, 5, Hegaret HeleneORCID4, 5, Tran Damien1, 2
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Bordeaux, EPOC, UMR 5805, F-33120 Arcachon, France.
2 : CNRS, EPOC, UMR 5805, F-33120 Arcachon, France.
3 : Univ Toulouse, Plate Forme Bioinformat Genotoul, MIAT, INRA, F-31326 Castanet Tolosan, France.
4 : IFREMER, Lab Sci Environm Marin LEMAR, UMR UBO CNRS IRD IFREMER 6539, CS 10070, F-29280 Plouzane, France.
5 : Univ Bretagne Occidentale, Lab Sci Environm Marin LEMAR, Inst Univ Europeen Mer, UMR CNRS UBO IRD IFREMER 6539, F-29280 Plouzane, France.
Source Scientific Reports (2045-2322) (Nature Publishing Group), 2017-06 , Vol. 7 , N. 1 , P. 3480 (1-14)
DOI 10.1038/s41598-017-03797-4
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As a marine organism, the oyster Crassostrea gigas inhabits a complex biotope governed by interactions between the moon and the sun cycles. We used next-generation sequencing to investigate temporal regulation of oysters under light/dark entrainment and the impact of harmful algal exposure. We found that ≈6% of the gills’ transcriptome exhibits circadian expression, characterized by a nocturnal and bimodal pattern. Surprisingly, a higher number of ultradian transcripts were also detected under solely circadian entrainment. The results showed that a bloom of Alexandrium minutum generated a remodeling of the bivalve’s temporal structure, characterized by a loss of oscillations, a genesis of de novo oscillating transcripts, and a switch in the period of oscillations. These findings provide unprecedented insights into the diurnal landscape of the oyster’s transcriptome and pleiotropic remodeling due to toxic algae exposure, revealing the intrinsic plasticity of the cycling transcriptome in oysters.

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Payton Laura, Perrigault Mickael, Hoede Claire, Massabuau Jean-Charles, Sow Mohamedou, Huvet Arnaud, Boullot Floriane, Fabioux Caroline, Hegaret Helene, Tran Damien (2017). Remodeling of the cycling transcriptome of the oyster Crassostrea gigas by the harmful algae Alexandrium minutum. Scientific Reports, 7(1), 3480 (1-14). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :