Attraction and repulsion of mobile wild organisms to finfish and shellfish aquaculture: a review

Type Article
Date 2018-12
Language English
Author(s) Callier MyriamORCID1, Byron Carrie J.2, Bengtson David A.3, Cranford Peter J.4, Cross Stephen F.5, Focken Ulfert6, Jansen Henrice M.7, 8, Kamermans Pauline7, Kiessling Anders9, Landry Thomas10, O'Beirn Francis11, Petersson Erik12, Rheault Robert B.8, Strand Oivind13, Sundell Kristina14, Svasand Terje13, Wikfors Gary H.15, McKindsey Christopher W.16
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Montpellier, IFREMER, IRD, UMR MARBEC,CNRS, Palavas Les Flots, France.
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Source Reviews In Aquaculture (1753-5123) (Wiley), 2018-12 , Vol. 10 , N. 4 , P. 924-949
DOI 10.1111/raq.12208
WOS© Times Cited 92
Keyword(s) aquaculture, artificial reefs, attraction, farm waste, fish aggregating devices, repulsion, wild population

Knowledge of aquaculture–environment interactions is essential for the development of a sustainable aquaculture industry and efficient marine spatial planning. The effects of fish and shellfish farming on sessile wild populations, particularly infauna, have been studied intensively. Mobile fauna, including crustaceans, fish, birds and marine mammals, also interact with aquaculture operations, but the interactions are more complex and these animals may be attracted to (attraction) or show an aversion to (repulsion) farm operations with various degrees of effects. This review outlines the main mechanisms and effects of attraction and repulsion of wild animals to/from marine finfish cage and bivalve aquaculture, with a focus on effects on fisheries-related species. Effects considered in this review include those related to the provision of physical structure (farm infrastructure acting as fish aggregating devices (FADs) or artificial reefs (ARs), the provision of food (e.g. farmed animals, waste feed and faeces, fouling organisms associated with farm structures) and some farm activities (e.g. boating, cleaning). The reviews show that the distribution of mobile organisms associated with farming structures varies over various spatial (vertical and horizontal) and temporal scales (season, feeding time, day/night period). Attraction/repulsion mechanisms have a variety of direct and indirect effects on wild organisms at the level of individuals and populations and may have implication for the management of fisheries species and the ecosystem in the context of marine spatial planning. This review revealed considerable uncertainties regarding the long-term and ecosystem-wide consequences of these interactions. The use of modelling may help better understand consequences, but long-term studies are necessary to better elucidate effects.

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Callier Myriam, Byron Carrie J., Bengtson David A., Cranford Peter J., Cross Stephen F., Focken Ulfert, Jansen Henrice M., Kamermans Pauline, Kiessling Anders, Landry Thomas, O'Beirn Francis, Petersson Erik, Rheault Robert B., Strand Oivind, Sundell Kristina, Svasand Terje, Wikfors Gary H., McKindsey Christopher W. (2018). Attraction and repulsion of mobile wild organisms to finfish and shellfish aquaculture: a review. Reviews In Aquaculture, 10(4), 924-949. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :