Product user manual. For Multi-Year WAVE In Situ Product INSITU_GLO_WAV_DISCRETE_MY_013_045

This document is the user manual for the Multi-Year WAVE In Situ product INSITU_GLO_WAV_DISCRETE_MY_013_045 (see Table 1). This guide describes the data product files, the available services to access them, and how to use these files and services.
This product integrates observations aggregated and validated from the Regional EuroGOOS consortium (Arctic-ROOS, BOOS, NOOS, IBI-ROOS, MONGOOS) and Black Sea GOOS as well as from National Data Centers (NODCs), JCOMM global systems (OceanSITES, DBCP) and the Global telecommunication system (GTS) used by the Metoffices. The In Situ TAC relies on observing systems maintained by institutes that are not part of the In Situ TAC and Copernicus Marine Service is not contributing to the maintenance and setting up of the observing systems it uses.
Data are distributed on full level (no interpolation) and are available in a dedicated directory to waves (INSITU_GLO_WAV_DISCRETE_MY_013_045) of Copernicus Marine Service Dissemination System in one or two files per platform.
The Multi-Year WAVE product is a global product and provides two kinds of files: one with integrated parameters computed from the wave spectrum (e.g. significant wave height, peak period, mean direction) or zero crossing parameters (e.g. maximum wave height, mean height) and another one with the spectral information when available (scalar spectrum and directional functions like mean direction and angular spreading depending on the frequency). The files with integrated parameters contain also other physical and meteorological variables measured by the same platform. The complete list of variables distributed by the In Situ TAC can be found in the Copernicus Marine In Situ TAC physical parameters list (
This product is updated twice a year after a validation process carried out at centralized level by the Production Unit and described in detail in the Quality Information Document CMEMS-INS-QUID-013_045 (
Since December 2020, files with wave spectra are included in the Multi-Year WAVE product. Since 2023, hourly data is delivered in a dedicated dataset: cmems_obs-ins_glo_wav_my_na_PT1H.
More detailed information can be obtained from the Copernicus Marine Service web page ( and the In Situ TAC web page (
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