Specific features of flax fibres used to manufacture composite materials

Type Article
Date 2019-11
Language English
Author(s) Baley Christophe1, Gomina Moussa2, Breard Joel3, Bourmaud Alain1, Drapier Sylvain4, Ferreira Manuela5, Le Duigou Antoine1, Liotier Pierre Jacques4, Ouagne Pierre6, Soulat Damien5, Davies PeterORCID7
Affiliation(s) 1 : IRDL, UMR CNRS 6027 Université de Bretagne-Sud Lorient Cedex, France
2 : CRISMAT, UMR CNRS 6508 Caen Cedex 4, France
3 : LOMCUMR CNRS 6294, Université du Havre, Le Havre, France
4 : École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, UMR CNRS 5307, LGF University of Lyon Saint-Étienne cedex 2, France
5 : ENSAIT, GEMTEX University of Lille Roubaix, France
6 : Laboratoire Génie de Production (LGP), INP-ENIT Université de Toulouse, Tarbes, France
7 : IFREMER, Centre de Bretagne LCSM, Plouzané, France
Source International Journal Of Material Forming (1960-6206) (Springer Nature), 2019-11 , Vol. 12 , N. 6 , P. 1023-1052
DOI 10.1007/s12289-018-1455-y
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Keyword(s) Composite materials, biocomposite, flax fibre, polymer, processing

The use of composite materials reinforced by flax fibres has been increasing steadily over the last 20 years. These fibres show attractive mechanical properties but also some particularities (naturally limited length, presence of a lumen, fibres grouped in bundles in the plant, complex surface properties and composition). An analysis of the available literature indicates that the quality of the composite materials studied is not always optimal (high porosity, incomplete impregnation, heterogeneous microstructure, variable fibre orientation). This paper reviews published data on the specific nature of flax fibres with respect to manufacturing of biocomposites (defined here as polymers reinforced by natural fibres). All the important steps in the process which influence final properties are analyzed, including the plant development, retting, fibre extraction, fibre treatment, preform preparation, available manufacturing processes, the impregnation step, fibre cell wall changes during processing and fibre/matrix adhesion.

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Baley Christophe, Gomina Moussa, Breard Joel, Bourmaud Alain, Drapier Sylvain, Ferreira Manuela, Le Duigou Antoine, Liotier Pierre Jacques, Ouagne Pierre, Soulat Damien, Davies Peter (2019). Specific features of flax fibres used to manufacture composite materials. International Journal Of Material Forming, 12(6), 1023-1052. Publisher's official version : https://doi.org/10.1007/s12289-018-1455-y , Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00473/58429/