The Implementation of the Landing Obligation in Small-Scale Fisheries of Southern European Union Countries

In the European Union, discards represent a major source of undocumented mortality, contributing to the overfishing of European fish stocks. However, little attention has been given by the scientific community to discards in the European Union’s small-scale fisheries (SSF). This is mainly due to the fact that discards are mostly generated by industrial fisheries, while SSFs were generally thought to have lower discard rates than industrial fisheries. A Landing Obligation (LO) is being introduced in European waters with the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) (Article 15, EU regulation 1380/2013) to limit/reduce discarding. However, management recommendations are required to support its implementation. The reality and challenges to enforce the LO in SSF are analyzed in this chapter, gathering information from different small-scale fisheries and fishers from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea who were asked about their perceptions toward the LO. The objectives of this chapter are to (a) identify the reasons for discarding and (b) investigate the multiple ecological, economic, social, and institutional drivers which act as a barrier toward the implementation of the LO in SSF. Given the high importance of SSF in the southern countries of Europe, different case studies of SSF from France, Greece, Portugal, and Spain coasts are used to illustrate the reasons for discarding, the impacts of the LO on SSF, and the barriers for its implementation.


Common Fisheries Policy, Discards, Impacts, Landing Obligation, Small-scale fisheries, Southern Europe

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Villasante Sebastian, Antelo Manel, Christou Maria, Fauconnet Laurence, Frangoudes Katia, Maynou Francesc, Morato Telmo, Pita Cristina, Pita Pablo, Stergiou Konstantinos, Teixeira Celia, Tserpes George, Vassilopoulou Vassiliki (2018). The Implementation of the Landing Obligation in Small-Scale Fisheries of Southern European Union Countries. In The European Landing Obligation, S. S. Uhlmann et al. (eds.), 2018. ISBN 978-3-030-03307-1 ISBN 978-3-030-03308-8 (eBook), pp.89-108. Springer Nature.,

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