Report of the Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Advice Methodology (WGMIXFISH-METH), 15-19 October 2018, Nantes, France

Type Report
Date 2019
Language English
Ref. ICES CM 2018/ACOM:68
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Author(s) ICES
Contributor(s) Pawlowski Lionel, Robert MarianneORCID, Vermard YouenORCID, Bertignac MichelORCID

The ICES Working Group on Mixed Fisheries Methods (WGMIXFISH-METHODS) (Chair: Youen Vermard (FR)) met at IFREMER, Nantes, France15–19 October 2018 to:

a) Increase the number of species included in the current Celtic Sea mixed fisheries considerations. Priority will be given to target species identified based on knowledge of identified mixed fisheries interactions in the Celtic Sea.

b) Assess the potential of developing mixed fisheries scenarios for pelagic fish in the Baltic.

c) Develop models for flatfish and roundfish fisheries in the North Sea.

d) Assess the model sensitivity and potential impact of using the actual quota by fleet/country (e.g FIDES database) rather than the last year observed share on the mixed fisheries scenarios results.

e) Develop models for mixed fisheries in the Bay of Biscay.

f) Increase the number of species in the Iberian Waters model.

Additionally, work started on transitioning WGMIXFISH code from GitLab to the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework.

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