Assessment of the metal contamination evolution in the Loire estuary using Cu and Zn stable isotopes and geochemical data in sediments

Type Article
Date 2019-06
Language English
Author(s) Ferreira Araujo Daniel1, Ponzevera EmmanuelORCID1, Briant NicolasORCID1, Knoery JoelORCID1, Sireau Teddy1, Mojtahid Meryem2, Metzger Edouard2, Brach-Papa ChristopheORCID1, 3
Affiliation(s) 1 : Laboratoire de Biogéochimie des Contaminants Métalliques, Ifremer, Centre Atlantique, F44311 Nantes Cedex 3, France
2 : UMR-CNRS 6112, LPG-BIAF, University of Angers, University of Nantes, UFR Sciences, 2 bd Lavoisier, 49045 Angers Cedex 01, France
3 : Laboratoire Environnement Ressources Provence Azur Corse, Ifremer, Zone portuaire de Brégaillon, CS 20330, 83507 La Seyne sur Mer Cedex, France
Source Marine Pollution Bulletin (0025-326X) (Elsevier BV), 2019-06 , Vol. 143 , P. 12-23
DOI 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2019.04.034
WOS© Times Cited 39
Keyword(s) Coastal pollution, Coastal biogeochemistry, Geochemical tracers, Metal isotopes, Trace metal, Anthropogenic contamination

In this work, a multi-elemental approach combining Cu and Zn stable isotopes is used to assess the metal contamination evolution in the Loire estuary bulk sediments. Elemental geochemical data indicate an increase of metal concentrations from the beginning of the industrial period peaking in the 1990s, followed by an attenuation of metal contamination inputs to the estuary. Zinc isotope compositions suggest a binary mixing process between Zn derived from terrigenous material and multi-urban anthropogenic sources. Copper isotope systematics indicate a single natural dominant source represented by weathered silicate particles from soils and rocks. This work demonstrates the applicability of Zn isotopes to identify anthropogenic Zn sources in coastal systems, even under a low to moderate degree of contamination. Further studies are required to constrain Cu sources and to elucidate possible effects of grain-size and mineralogy in the Cu isotope composition of sediment in the Loire estuary.

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Ferreira Araujo Daniel, Ponzevera Emmanuel, Briant Nicolas, Knoery Joel, Sireau Teddy, Mojtahid Meryem, Metzger Edouard, Brach-Papa Christophe (2019). Assessment of the metal contamination evolution in the Loire estuary using Cu and Zn stable isotopes and geochemical data in sediments. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 143, 12-23. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :