Report on the 2nd Deep Argo Implementation Workshop. Hobart, May 13-15th 2019

Type Report
Date 2019-05
Language English
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Author(s) Zilberman Nathalie1, King Brian2, Purkey Sarah1, Thierry VirginieORCID3, Roemmich Dean1
Affiliation(s) 1 : Scripps Inst. Ocean., U.S.
2 : NOC, U.K.
3 : Ifremer, lops, france

Recent technological advancements have led to the development of 4 new Argo models capable of reaching the deep and abyssal oceans: Deep Arvor and the Deep NINJA, with a pressure limit of 4000 dbar and the Deep SOLO and Deep APEX, with a pressure limit of 6000 dbar. Over the past 3 years, these new deep Argo floats have been tested in a number of regional pilot arrays. The international 2nd Deep Argo Workshop has been held at CSIRO in Hobart, Tasmania on May 13-15, 2019 in order to advance the global implementation of a Deep Argo array by:

• Presenting new Deep-Argo-based scientific results

• Reviewing the objectives of the Deep Argo Program

• Describing the Deep Argo float mission in support of Deep Argo’s scientific objectives

• Confirming Deep Argo float and CTD readiness timetable for implementation of the global pilot array

• Reviewing plans for the deployments of Deep Argo pilot arrays

We summarize the workshop presentations, discussions, and key outcomes here. The workshop was organized to promote discussion between users and float providers, and speakers are indicated for each topic below.

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Zilberman Nathalie, King Brian, Purkey Sarah, Thierry Virginie, Roemmich Dean (2019). Report on the 2nd Deep Argo Implementation Workshop. Hobart, May 13-15th 2019.