Dosage Compensation throughout the Schistosoma mansoni Lifecycle: Specific Chromatin Landscape of the Z Chromosome

Type Article
Date 2019-07
Language English
Author(s) Picard Marion A. L.2, 3, Vicoso Beatriz2, Roquis David3, Bulla Ingo1, Augusto Ronaldo C.1, Arancibia Nathalie3, Grunau Christoph3, Boissier Jerome3, Cosseau Celine3
Affiliation(s) 1 : Univ Montpellier, Univ Perpignan Via Domitia, IFREMER, IHPE,UMR 5244,CNRS, Perpignan, France.
2 : IST Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria.
Source Genome Biology And Evolution (1759-6653) (Oxford Univ Press), 2019-07 , Vol. 11 , N. 7 , P. 1909-1922
DOI 10.1093/gbe/evz133
WOS© Times Cited 7
Keyword(s) dosage compensation, chromatin landscape, histone modifications, female heterogamety, Schistosoma mansoni
Abstract Differentiated sex chromosomes are accompanied by a difference in gene dose between X/Z-specific and autosomal genes. At the transcriptomic level, these sex-linked genes can lead to expression imbalance, or gene dosage can be compensated by epigenetic mechanisms and results into expression level equalization. Schistosoma mansoni has been previously described as a ZW species (i.e., female heterogamety, in opposition to XY male heterogametic species) with a partial dosage compensation, but underlying mechanisms are still unexplored. Here, we combine transcriptomic (RNA-Seq) and epigenetic data (ChIP-Seq against H3K4me3, H3K27me3, and H4K20me1 histone marks) in free larval cercariae and intravertebrate parasitic stages. For the first time, we describe differences in dosage compensation status in ZW females, depending on the parasitic status: free cercariae display global dosage compensation, whereas intravertebrate stages show a partial dosage compensation. We also highlight regional differences of gene expression along the Z chromosome in cercariae, but not in the intravertebrate stages. Finally, we feature a consistent permissive chromatin landscape of the Z chromosome in both sexes and stages. We argue that dosage compensation in schistosomes is characterized by chromatin remodeling mechanisms in the Z-specific region.
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Picard Marion A. L., Vicoso Beatriz, Roquis David, Bulla Ingo, Augusto Ronaldo C., Arancibia Nathalie, Grunau Christoph, Boissier Jerome, Cosseau Celine (2019). Dosage Compensation throughout the Schistosoma mansoni Lifecycle: Specific Chromatin Landscape of the Z Chromosome. Genome Biology And Evolution, 11(7), 1909-1922. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :