Food for thought: pretty good multispecies yield

MSY principles for marine fisheries management reflect a focus on obtaining continued high catches to provide food and livelihoods for humanity, while not compromising ecosystems. However, maintaining healthy stocks to provide the maximum sustainable yield on a single-species basis does not ensure that broader ecosystem, economic, and social objectives are addressed. Weinvestigate how the principles of a "pretty good yield" range of fishing mortalities assumed to provide.95% of the average yield for a single stock can be expanded to a pretty good multispecies yield (PGMY) space and further to pretty good multidimensional yield to accommodate situations where the yield from a stock affects the ecosystem, economic and social benefits, or sustainability. Wedemonstrate in a European example that PGMY is a practical concept. As PGMY provides a safe operating space for management that adheres to the principles ofMSY, it allows the consideration of other aspects to be included in operational management advice in both data-rich and data-limited situations. PGMYfurthermore provides away to integrate advice across stocks, avoiding clearly infeasible management combinations, and thereby hopefully increasing confidence in scientific advice.


economic objectives, ecosystem objectives, MEY, mixed-fisheries, operationalizing MSY, social objectives

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Rindorf Anna, Dichmont Catherine Mary, Levin Phillip S., Mace Pamela, Pascoe Sean, Prellezo Raul, Punt Andre E., Reid David G., Stephenson Robert, Ulrich Clara, Vinther Morten, Clausen Lotte Worsoe (2017). Food for thought: pretty good multispecies yield. Ices Journal Of Marine Science. 74 (2). 475-486.,

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