Inland aquaculture of carps in Poland: Between tradition and innovation

This paper examines how the traditional carp sector in Poland developed during the recent period, paying a particular attention to the different forms of innovations that have been implemented. Mostly based on first-hand, face-to-face interviews, the paper shows that despite the fact that aquaculture of carp is still characterised by strong traditional and cultural features, different categories of economic agents along the value-chain engaged in various kinds of technical, market and institutional innovations. These innovative strategies could be further replicated and developed through collaborative process, where policy makers have a potential role to play. The research results showed the existence of huge potential for innovation in traditional carp sector in Poland, especially in terms of alternative ways of marketing products for small and medium scale farms.


Innovation, Value-chain, Competitiveness, Carp, Aquaculture, Expert interviews

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Raftowicz Magdalena, Le Gallic Bertrand (2020). Inland aquaculture of carps in Poland: Between tradition and innovation. Aquaculture. 518. 734665 (8p.).,

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