ADCP product user manual for REProcessed IN SITU product (ADCP PUM)

This Product User Manual describes the reprocessed wave dataset called INSITU_GLO_UV_L2_REP_OBSERVATIONS_013_044 dataset GLOBAL_REP_ADCP distributed by the Copernicus Marine in situ Thematic Assembly Centre: how it is built, what is the content, what data services are available to access them, and how to use the files.

The "in situ TAC" is a distributed system built on the existing activities and services developed previously within the EU supported projects (MyOcean, Mersea, MFSTEP, FerryBox, SEPRISE ...) and EuroGOOS Regional alliances (ROOSes). It aims at providing a research and operational framework to develop and deliver in situ observations and derived products based on such observations, to address progressively global but also regional needs either for monitoring, modelling or downstream service development.

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Copernicus Marine in situ TAC (2019). ADCP product user manual for REProcessed IN SITU product (ADCP PUM). Ref. CMEMS-INS-PUM-013-045. Ifremer.

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