Long-term, high frequency in situ measurements of intertidal mussel bed temperatures using biomimetic sensors

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Date 2016-10
Language English
Author(s) Helmuth BrianORCID1, Choi Francis1, Matzelle Allison1, Torossian Jessica L.1, Morello Scott L.2, Mislan K. A. S.3, Yamane Lauren4, Strickland Denise5, 23, Szathmary P. Lauren5, 24, Gilman Sarah E.6, 7, Tockstein Alyson5, 25, Hilbish Thomas J.5, Burrows Michael T.8, Power Anne MarieORCID9, Gosling Elizabeth10, Mieszkowska NovaORCID11, 26, Harley Christopher D. G.ORCID12, 13, Nishizaki MichaelORCID14, 27, Carrington Emily14, Menge Bruce15, Petes Laura15, 28, Foley Melissa M.15, 29, Johnson Angela15, Poole Megan15, Noble Mae M.15, 30, Richmond Erin L.15, 31, 32, Robart Matt15, 33, Robinson Jonathan15, Sapp Jerod15, Sones Jackie16, Broitman Bernardo R.17, Denny Mark W.18, Mach Katharine J.18, 34, Miller Luke P.18, 35, O'Donnell Michael18, 36, Ross Philip19, Hofmann Gretchen E.20, Zippay Mackenzie20, 37, Blanchette Carol20, 38, Macfarlan J. A.20, 39, Carpizo-Ituarte EugenioORCID21, Ruttenberg BenjaminORCID21, 40, Pena Mejia Carlos E.21, 41, McQuaid Christopher D.22, Lathlean Justin22, Monaco CristianORCID22, Nicastro Katy R.22, 42, Zardi GerardoORCID22
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Source Scientific Data (2052-4463) (Nature Publishing Group), 2016-10 , Vol. 3 , P. 160087 (11p.)
DOI 10.1038/sdata.2016.87
WOS© Times Cited 61

At a proximal level, the physiological impacts of global climate change on ectothermic organisms are manifest as changes in body temperatures. Especially for plants and animals exposed to direct solar radiation, body temperatures can be substantially different from air temperatures. We deployed biomimetic sensors that approximate the thermal characteristics of intertidal mussels at 71 sites worldwide, from 1998-present. Loggers recorded temperatures at 10-30 min intervals nearly continuously at multiple intertidal elevations. Comparisons against direct measurements of mussel tissue temperature indicated errors of similar to 2.0-2.5 degrees C, during daily fluctuations that often exceeded 15 degrees-20 degrees C. Geographic patterns in thermal stress based on biomimetic logger measurements were generally far more complex than anticipated based only on 'habitat-level' measurements of air or sea surface temperature. This unique data set provides an opportunity to link physiological measurements with spatially-and temporally-explicit field observations of body temperature.

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Helmuth Brian, Choi Francis, Matzelle Allison, Torossian Jessica L., Morello Scott L., Mislan K. A. S., Yamane Lauren, Strickland Denise, Szathmary P. Lauren, Gilman Sarah E., Tockstein Alyson, Hilbish Thomas J., Burrows Michael T., Power Anne Marie, Gosling Elizabeth, Mieszkowska Nova, Harley Christopher D. G., Nishizaki Michael, Carrington Emily, Menge Bruce, Petes Laura, Foley Melissa M., Johnson Angela, Poole Megan, Noble Mae M., Richmond Erin L., Robart Matt, Robinson Jonathan, Sapp Jerod, Sones Jackie, Broitman Bernardo R., Denny Mark W., Mach Katharine J., Miller Luke P., O'Donnell Michael, Ross Philip, Hofmann Gretchen E., Zippay Mackenzie, Blanchette Carol, Macfarlan J. A., Carpizo-Ituarte Eugenio, Ruttenberg Benjamin, Pena Mejia Carlos E., McQuaid Christopher D., Lathlean Justin, Monaco Cristian, Nicastro Katy R., Zardi Gerardo (2016). Long-term, high frequency in situ measurements of intertidal mussel bed temperatures using biomimetic sensors. Scientific Data, 3, 160087 (11p.). Publisher's official version : https://doi.org/10.1038/sdata.2016.87 , Open Access version : https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00605/71693/