Biodiversity inventory of the grey mullets (Actinopterygii: Mugilidae) of the Indo‐Australian Archipelago through the iterative use of DNA‐based species delimitation and specimen assignment methods

Type Article
Date 2020-07
Language English
Author(s) Delrieu‐trottin Erwan1, 2, Durand Jean‐dominique3, Limmon Gino4, Sukmono Tedjo5, Kadarusman 6, Sugeha Hagi Yulia7, Chen Wei‐jen8, Busson Frédéric1, 9, Borsa Philippe10, Dahruddin Hadi1, 11, Sauri Sopian11, Fitriana Yuli11, Zein Mochamad Syamsul Arifin11, Hocdé Régis3, Pouyaud Laurent1, Keith Philippe9, Wowor Daisy11, Steinke Dirk12, 13, Hanner Robert12, 13, Hubert Nicolas1
Affiliation(s) 1 : UMR 5554 ISEM (IRD, UM CNRS EPHE) Université de Montpellier Place Eugène Bataillon 34095 Montpellier cedex France
2 : Museum für Naturkunde Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science Invalidenstr. 4310115 Berlin ,Germany
3 : UMR 9190 MARBEC (IRD, UM CNRS IFREMER) Université de Montpellier cc093, Place Eugène Bataillon34095Montpellier cedex ,France
4 : Universitas Pattimura Maritime and Marine Science Center of Excellence Jalan Wim Reawaru 9C678267 Ambon Moluccas, Indonesia
5 : Universitas Jambi Departement of Biology Jalan Lintas Jambi ‐ Muara Bulian Km15 36122 Jambi Sumatra, Indonesia
6 : Politeknik Kelautan dan Perikanan Sorong KKD BP. SR SGK Tanjung Kasuari Jl. Kapitan PattimuraKota Sorong 98401,Papua Barat , Indonesia
7 : Research Center for Oceanography Indonesian Institute of Sciences Jl Ancol Timur Pasir Putih 1Jakarta 14430, Indonesia
8 : Institute of Oceanography National Taiwan University Taipei , Taiwan
9 : UMR 7208 BOREA (MNHN CNRS UPMC IRD UCBN) Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle 43 rue Cuvier 75231Paris cedex, France
10 : UMR 250 ENTROPIE (IRD, UR UNC CNRS IFREMER) centre IRD‐Occitanie 911 avenue Agropolis 34394 Montpellier ,France
11 : Division of Zoology Research Center for Biology Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) Jalan Raya Jakarta Bogor Km 46Cibinong 16911, Indonesia
12 : Centre for Biodiversity Genomics University of Guelph Ontario, Canada
13 : Department of Integrative Biology University of Guelph Guelph Ontario ,Canada
Source Evolutionary Applications (1752-4571) (Wiley), 2020-07 , Vol. 13 , N. 6 , P. 1451-1467
DOI 10.1111/eva.12926
WOS© Times Cited 21
Note Special Issue: Louis Bernatchez’ 60th Anniversary
Keyword(s) Coral Triangle, cryptic diversity, DNA barcoding, reference library, taxonomic gap

DNA barcoding opens new perspectives on the way we document biodiversity. Initially proposed to circumvent the limits of morphological characters to assign unknown individuals to known species, DNA barcoding has been used in a wide array of studies where collecting species identity constitutes a crucial step. The assignment of unknowns to knowns assumes that species are already well identified and delineated, making the assignment performed reliable. Here, we used DNA‐based species delimitation and specimen assignment methods iteratively to tackle the inventory of the Indo‐Australian Archipelago grey mullets, a notorious case of taxonomic complexity that requires DNA‐based identification methods considering that traditional morphological identifications are usually not repeatable and sequences mislabeling are common in international sequence repositories. We first revisited a DNA barcode reference library available at the global scale for Mugilidae through different DNA‐based species delimitation methods to produce a robust consensus scheme of species delineation. We then used this curated library to assign unknown specimens collected throughout the Indo‐Australian Archipelago to known species. A second iteration of OTUs delimitation and specimen assignment was then performed. We show the benefits of using species delimitation and specimen assignment methods iteratively to improve the accuracy of specimen identification and propose a workflow to do so.

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Delrieu‐trottin Erwan, Durand Jean‐dominique, Limmon Gino, Sukmono Tedjo, Kadarusman, Sugeha Hagi Yulia, Chen Wei‐jen, Busson Frédéric, Borsa Philippe, Dahruddin Hadi, Sauri Sopian, Fitriana Yuli, Zein Mochamad Syamsul Arifin, Hocdé Régis, Pouyaud Laurent, Keith Philippe, Wowor Daisy, Steinke Dirk, Hanner Robert, Hubert Nicolas (2020). Biodiversity inventory of the grey mullets (Actinopterygii: Mugilidae) of the Indo‐Australian Archipelago through the iterative use of DNA‐based species delimitation and specimen assignment methods. Evolutionary Applications, 13(6), 1451-1467. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :