The Amazonian Savannas of French Guiana: Cultural and Social Importance, Biodiversity, and Conservation Challenges

Type Article
Date 2020-01
Language English
Author(s) Stier Anna1, de Carvalho William D.2, Rostain Stephen3, Catzeflis Francois4, Claessens Olivier1, Dewynter Mael5, McKey Doyle6, Mustin Karen7, 8, Palisse Marianne9, de Thoisy Benoit10
Affiliation(s) 1 : Grp Etud & Protect Oiseaux Guyane, 431 Route Attila Cabassou, Remire Montjoly 97354, French Guiana.
2 : Univ Fed Amapa, Programa Posgrad Biodiversidade Trop, Macapa, Brazil.
3 : CNRS, Unite Mixte Rech 8096, Archeol Amer, Nanterre, France.
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9 : Univ Guyane LEEISA, USR 3456, Cayenne, French Guiana.
10 : Assoc Kwata, Cayenne, French Guiana.
Source Tropical Conservation Science (1940-0829) (Sage Publications Inc), 2020-01 , Vol. 13 , P. 1-21
DOI 10.1177/1940082919900471
WOS© Times Cited 18
Keyword(s) archeology, biodiversity, conservation, French Guiana, savanna, socioecological systems

The Amazonian savannas of French Guiana are rare and of high ecological and cultural value but are also highly threatened. They are socioecological systems that have been coconstructed by humans and nature and today form mosaic landscapes along the country's coast. From pre-Columbian raised fields through colonial and Creole uses to contemporary uses, they have been largely shaped and modified by human activities. They are currently threatened by changes in fire regimes, agricultural practices, invasive species, and infrastructure development. Less than 3% are protected, despite their importance for several endangered animal and plant species. A shift is required in the way we think about their conservation to create a new strategy that would be completely different from existing French environmental protection tools and adapted to the complexity of these landscapes.

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Stier Anna, de Carvalho William D., Rostain Stephen, Catzeflis Francois, Claessens Olivier, Dewynter Mael, McKey Doyle, Mustin Karen, Palisse Marianne, de Thoisy Benoit (2020). The Amazonian Savannas of French Guiana: Cultural and Social Importance, Biodiversity, and Conservation Challenges. Tropical Conservation Science, 13, 1-21. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :