Euro-Argo ERIC Achievements and future challenges 2014-2023

The Euro-Argo European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) provides in situ ocean observations to a range of user communities, with an interest in the ocean’s state and its evolution. Euro-Argo ERIC aims at maintaining one quarter of the international Argo network, one of the most important components of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS).

After its positive evalutaion on June 2019, Euro-Argo ERIC has set up 5 new objectives, in agreement with the "Global, full-depth and multidisciplinary Argo mission". This brochure summarizes the first five years Euro-Argo's achievements and describes the 5 objectives for the next phase.

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Euro-Argo ERIC (2019). Euro-Argo ERIC Achievements and future challenges 2014-2023. Euro-Argo ERIC.

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