Meeting fisheries, ecosystem function, and biodiversity goals in a human-dominated world

Type Article
Date 2020-04
Language English
Author(s) Cinner Joshua E.1, Zamborain-Mason Jessica1, Gurney Georgina G.1, Graham Nicholas A. J.1, 2, Macneil M. Aaron3, Hoey Andrew S.1, Mora Camilo4, Villéger Sébastien5, Maire Eva1, 2, 5, McClanahan Tim R.6, Maina Joseph M.6, 7, Kittinger John N.8, Hicks Christina C.1, 2, D’agata Stephanie5, 6, 7, 9, Huchery Cindy1, Barnes Michele L.1, Feary David A.10, Williams Ivor D.11, Kulbicki Michel9, Vigliola Laurent9, Wantiez Laurent9, Edgar Graham J.12, Stuart-Smith Rick D.12, Sandin Stuart A.13, Green Alison L.14, Beger Maria15, Friedlander Alan M.16, Wilson Shaun K.17, Brokovich Eran18, Brooks Andrew J.19, Cruz-Motta Juan J.20, Booth David J.21, Chabanet Pascale9, Tupper Mark22, Ferse Sebastian C. A.23, Sumaila U. Rashid24, Hardt Marah J.25, Mouillot David1, 5
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Source Science (0036-8075) (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)), 2020-04 , Vol. 368 , N. 6488 , P. 307-311
DOI 10.1126/science.aax9412
WOS© Times Cited 80

The worldwide decline of coral reefs necessitates targeting management solutions that can sustain reefs and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them. However, little is known about the context in which different reef management tools can help to achieve multiple social and ecological goals. Because of nonlinearities in the likelihood of achieving combined fisheries, ecological function, and biodiversity goals along a gradient of human pressure, relatively small changes in the context in which management is implemented could have substantial impacts on whether these goals are likely to be met. Critically, management can provide substantial conservation benefits to most reefs for fisheries and ecological function, but not biodiversity goals, given their degraded state and the levels of human pressure they face.

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Cinner Joshua E., Zamborain-Mason Jessica, Gurney Georgina G., Graham Nicholas A. J., Macneil M. Aaron, Hoey Andrew S., Mora Camilo, Villéger Sébastien, Maire Eva, McClanahan Tim R., Maina Joseph M., Kittinger John N., Hicks Christina C., D’agata Stephanie, Huchery Cindy, Barnes Michele L., Feary David A., Williams Ivor D., Kulbicki Michel, Vigliola Laurent, Wantiez Laurent, Edgar Graham J., Stuart-Smith Rick D., Sandin Stuart A., Green Alison L., Beger Maria, Friedlander Alan M., Wilson Shaun K., Brokovich Eran, Brooks Andrew J., Cruz-Motta Juan J., Booth David J., Chabanet Pascale, Tupper Mark, Ferse Sebastian C. A., Sumaila U. Rashid, Hardt Marah J., Mouillot David (2020). Meeting fisheries, ecosystem function, and biodiversity goals in a human-dominated world. Science, 368(6488), 307-311. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :