Using Modern Conservation Tools for Innovative Management of Coral Reefs: The MANACO Consortium

Type Article
Date 2020-07
Language English
Author(s) Selmoni Oliver1, 2, Lecellier Gaël2, 3, Ainley Lara4, Collin Antoine5, Doucet Raimana6, Dubousquet Vaimiti7, Feremaito Hudson8, Ito Waia Edouard9, Kininmonth Stuart10, Magalon Hélène11, Malimali Siola’a12, Maugateau Ateliana13, Meibom Anders14, 15, Mosese Stephen16, René-Trouillefou Malika17, Satoh Noriyuki18, Van Oppen Madeleine J. H.19, Xozamé André20, Yékawene Maxime9, Joost Stéphane1, Berteaux-Lecellier Véronique2
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Source Frontiers In Marine Science (2296-7745) (Frontiers Media SA), 2020-07 , Vol. 7 , P. 609 (5p.)
DOI 10.3389/fmars.2020.00609
WOS© Times Cited 2
Keyword(s) coral reef, conservation, climate change, reef management, knowledge transfer

Coral reefs are under threat and innovative management strategies are urgently required. However, discoveries from innovative fields of coral reef research are rarely transposed in practical conservation actions. This is mainly due to the difficulties in knowledge exchange between scientists and conservation stakeholders. The ManaCo consortium ( is an international network federating conservation stakeholders and researchers in a common effort to preserve the coral reefs. The focus is on using modern tools to build a bridge between indigenous knowledge and scientific innovation. ManaCo aims to orientate research toward relevant conservation needs and to facilitate the transposition of research into concrete management strategies. This will allow to coordinate a collaborative response against coral reef decline. We invite anyone sharing the same interests in joining us.

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Selmoni Oliver, Lecellier Gaël, Ainley Lara, Collin Antoine, Doucet Raimana, Dubousquet Vaimiti, Feremaito Hudson, Ito Waia Edouard, Kininmonth Stuart, Magalon Hélène, Malimali Siola’a, Maugateau Ateliana, Meibom Anders, Mosese Stephen, René-Trouillefou Malika, Satoh Noriyuki, Van Oppen Madeleine J. H., Xozamé André, Yékawene Maxime, Joost Stéphane, Berteaux-Lecellier Véronique (2020). Using Modern Conservation Tools for Innovative Management of Coral Reefs: The MANACO Consortium. Frontiers In Marine Science, 7, 609 (5p.). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :