Case Study: Data Subscriptions Using Elastic Cloud Services

To perform data-centric research in environmental and earth sciences, researchers need effectively query, select and access data products from different research infrastructures. When providing observation data continuously, infrastructure is expected to create and deliver customised data products, e.g. for specific geo-regions, time durations or observation parameters, to enhance its ability to serve the research communities. Such kind of services often have time-critical requirements; some tasks need to be carried out within specific time windows when the data products are needed for real-time modelling or simulation frameworks.


Research infrastructure, Data subscription, Cloud computing

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Koulouzis Spiros, Carval Thierry, Heikkinen Jani, Pursula Antti, Zhao Zhiming (2020). Case Study: Data Subscriptions Using Elastic Cloud Services. In Zhao Z., Hellström M. (eds) Towards Interoperable Research Infrastructures for Environmental and Earth Sciences. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12003. Springer, Cham. Print ISBN 978-3-030-52828-7 Online ISBN 978-3-030-52829-4. pp. 293-306. Springer Science and Business Media LLC.,

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