World Ocean Atlas 2018, Volume 1: Temperature

This atlas consists of a description of data analysis procedures and horizontal maps of climatological distribution fields of dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate and nitrate+nitrite, and silicate) at selected standard depth levels of the World Ocean on a one-degree latitude-longitude grid. The aim of the maps is to illustrate large-scale characteristics of the distribution of these nutrients. The oceanographic data fields used to generate these climatological maps were computed by objective analysis of all scientifically quality-controlled historical nutrient data in the World Ocean Database 2018. Maps are presented for climatological composite periods (annual, seasonal, monthly, seasonal and monthly difference fields from the annual mean field, and the number of observations) at 102 standard depths. We also provide estimates of the basin-scale uncertainty of the WOA18 nutrient objectively analyzed annual fields.

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Locarnini MM, Mishonov AV, Baranova OK, Boyer TP, Zweng MM, Garcia HE, Reagan JR, Seidov D, Weathers KW, Paver CR, Smolyar I (2018). World Ocean Atlas 2018, Volume 1: Temperature. Ref. NOAA Atlas NESDIS 81, 52pp.. A. Mishonov Technical Editor.

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