Chemotaxonomy and cytotoxicity of the liverwort Porella Viridissima

The first chemotaxonomic study based on volatile components of Porella viridissima (Mitt.) Grolle is reported. The GC-MS analysis of ether extract was performed; ten santalane and five pinguisane-type sesquiterpenes were identified together with perrottetianal A as major diterpene. Most of detected santalane-type sesquiterpenes are reported for the first time in liverwort. P. viridissima was found to belong to the chemotype III (pinguisane/sacculatane) and shared chemical similarities with P. navicularis. Perrotettianal A was isolated and has shown strong cytotoxicity against ovarian cancer.


Liverwort, Porella viridissima, chemotype, pinguisane, sacculatane, ovarian cancer

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Métoyer Benjamin, Lebouvier Nicolas, Hnawia Edouard, Thouvenot Louis, Wang Fengrui, Harinantenaina Rakotondraibe Liva, Raharivelomanana Phila, Asakawa Yoshinori, Nour Mohammed (2021). Chemotaxonomy and cytotoxicity of the liverwort Porella Viridissima. Natural Product Research. 35 (12). 2099-2102.,

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