R/V YUNUS-S (Istanbul University) cruise report. November 28, 2020 Istanbul – Istanbul

Type Mission report
Date 2020
Language English
Ref. MAREGAMI Project (ANR-16-CE03-0010-02 and Tübitak 116Y371)
Author(s) Özeren Sinan2, Henry Pierre1, Yakupoğlu Nurettin2
DOI 10.13155/78821
Publisher EMSO

The objective of this cruise was to the final recovery, from Imrali Basin of an instrumented frame deployed during a previous Istanbul University R/V Yunus-S cruise, Nov 19-20, 2019. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the recovery cruise, initially planned in May 2020 was delayed until November The frame was successfully recovered, but instruments were out of battery power. The RBR/Paroscientific (Digiquartz) bottom pressure recorder functioned continuously for 4 months and 10 days, then suffered cyclic perturbations and interruptions due to battery problems until June 24, 2020 when it stopped. The other instrument, a Seaguard doppler recording current meter (RCM) equipped with additional sensors (conductivity, pressure, temperature) provided 4.5 month of hourly data, but with cyclically missing records (1/3) after 1.5 months.

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Özeren Sinan, Henry Pierre, Yakupoğlu Nurettin (2020). R/V YUNUS-S (Istanbul University) cruise report. November 28, 2020 Istanbul – Istanbul. MAREGAMI Project (ANR-16-CE03-0010-02 and Tübitak 116Y371). https://doi.org/10.13155/78821