DMQC Cookbook for Core Argo parameters

Type Report
Date 2021-03-09
Language English
Author(s) Cabanes CecileORCID1, 2, Angel-Benavides Ingrid3, Buck Justin4, Coatanoan ChristineORCID5, Dobler Delphine5, Herbert Gaelle6, Klein BirgitORCID3, Maze GuillaumeORCID6, Notarstefano GuilioORCID7, Owens Breck8, Thierry VirginieORCID6, Walicka KamilaORCID4, Wong Annie9
Affiliation(s) 1 : CNRS, LOPS, France
2 : CNRS,UMS3113,France
3 : Bundesamt fuer Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie, Hamburg, Germany
4 : BODC, National Oceanography Centre, United Kingdom
5 : Ifremer, IRSI, France
6 : Ifremer, LOPS, France
7 : INOGS (OGS), Italy
8 : WHOI, United States
9 : School of Oceanography, University of Washington, United States
DOI 10.13155/78994
Publisher Ifremer
Version 1.0

This cookbook is to document the end-to-end processing chain of Delayed Mode Quality Control (DMQC) of Core Argo parameters. It provides guidlines on existing manuals, and explains best practices through case studies. This document was initiated after the 1st EU DMQC workshop held in Brest in April 2018, under the MOCCA project.  Lately, this work has been undertaken under EuroArgo RISE project.

The document is organized as follows.The first part gives some general information (e.g.: How to check quality indicators in delayed mode? What are the reference databases? How to correct pressure? How to use the OWC software to correct salinity? What are the common failures? etc.). The second part gives more specific information for the regional analysis (specific difficulties encountered, reference data available in regional seas, configuration parameters usually used, etc...). The regions covered so far are: the sub-polar Atlantic zone, the Nordic Seas, the Mediterranean and Black Seas, and the Southern Ocean.The third part of the cookbook presents detailled examples of delayed-mode processing for float data in these regions.

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Cabanes Cecile, Angel-Benavides Ingrid, Buck Justin, Coatanoan Christine, Dobler Delphine, Herbert Gaelle, Klein Birgit, Maze Guillaume, Notarstefano Guilio, Owens Breck, Thierry Virginie, Walicka Kamila, Wong Annie (2021). DMQC Cookbook for Core Argo parameters.