Amino-nanopolystyrene exposures of oyster (Crassostrea gigas) embryos induced no apparent intergenerational effects

Early life stages (ELS) of numerous marine invertebrates mustcope with man-made contaminants, including plastic debris, during their pelagic phase. Among the diversity of plastic particles, nano-sized debris, known as nanoplastics, can induce effects with severe outcomes in ELS of various biological models, including the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas. Here, we investigated the effects of a sub-lethal dose (0.1 µg mL−1) of 50 nm polystyrene nanobeads (nano-PS) with amine functions on oyster embryos (24 h exposure) and we assessed consequences on larval and adult performances over two generations of oysters. Only a few effects were observed. Lipid analyses revealed that first-generation (G1) embryos exposed to nano-PS displayed a relative increase in cardiolipin content (+9.7%), suggesting a potential modification of mitochondrial functioning. G1-larvae issued from exposed embryos showed decreases in larval growth (−9%) and lipid storage (−20%). No effect was observed at the G1 adult stage in terms of growth, ecophysiological parameters (clearance and respiration rates, absorption efficiency), or reproductive outputs (gonadic development, gamete quality). Second generation (G2) larvae issued from control G1 displayed a significant growth reduction after G2 embryonic exposure to nano-PS (−24%) compared to control (as observed at the first generation), while no intergenerational effect was detected on G2 larvae issued from G1 exposed embryos. Overall, the present experimental study suggests a low incidence of a short embryonic exposure to nano-PS on oyster phenotypes along the entire life cycle until the next larval generation.


Oyster, nanoplastics, embryonic exposure, larval performances, offspring

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Tallec Kevin, Paul-Pont Ika, Petton Bruno, Alunno Bruscia Marianne, Bourdon C, Bernardini Ilaria, Boulais Myrina, Lambert Christophe, Quere Claudie, Bideau Antoine, Le Goic Nelly, Cassone Anne-Laure, Le Grand Fabienne, Fabioux Caroline, Soudant Philippe, Huvet Arnaud (2021). Amino-nanopolystyrene exposures of oyster (Crassostrea gigas) embryos induced no apparent intergenerational effects. Nanotoxicology. 15 (4). 477-493.,

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