New figures on progress and decision flow CSA Oceans 2

Type Working document
Date 2016-12
Language English
Ref. Deliverable 5.3
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Author(s) Coroner Florence1, de Moor Willem2

To further enhance communication and transparency of JPI Oceans at EU and national level, this Deliverable proposes new figures and diagrams to communicate with stakeholders.  

At this stage of development of JPI Oceans, the core message in the external communication is to focus on the outcomes of the actions initiated trough JPI Oceans, showing their added value and potential for policy, industry and science, as foreseen in the Communication Plan 2015-20171. It is also important to update the existing figures regarding the decision-making process to facilitate scientists and stakeholders’ involvement in joint actions. Other key topics also need to be illustrated such as the different type of actions, the history of JPI Oceans, mainly to facilitate scientists and stakeholders’ involvement in joint actions. 

In the next phase of CSA Oceans 2 (D 5.5), these figures as well as new figures if needed will be featured in leaflets, an updated brochure and posters which will be developed to inform the different groups of stakeholders identified through the communication plan developed in the previous CSA Oceans project. These will include both common materials for the general public and specific outreach materials tailored for each group of stakeholders (scientists, policy makers, industrials, public)

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