Operational and scientific capabilities of Ariane, Ifremer's hybrid ROV

Type Proceedings paper
Date 2019
Language English
Author(s) Raugel Ewen1, Opderbecke Jan1, Fabri Marie-ClaireORCID2, Brignone Lorenzo1, Rigaud Vincent3
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER, Underwater Syst Unit, Seyne Sur Mer, France.
2 : IFREMER, Oceanog & Ecosyst Dynam Dept, Seyne Sur Mer, France.
3 : IFREMER, Mediterranean Ctr, Seyne Sur Mer, France.
Meeting OCEANS - Marseille Conference, Marseille, FRANCE, JUN 17-20, 2019
Source OCEANS 2019 - Marseille, 2019. ISBN:978-1-7281-1451-4, pp. 1-7
DOI 10.1109/OCEANSE.2019.8867102
Keyword(s) underwater vehicle, vehicle architecture, vehicle deployment, hybrid system, scientific exploration

Latest underwater system in the French Oceanographic Fleet, Ariane is a hybrid ROV designed to meet new needs in terms of exploration and intervention in coastal areas, up to 2500m depth. Launched in 2010, the development of this new system was strongly motivated by changes in environmental policies. The rise of Protected Marine Areas and the establishment of European directives such as the Marine Strategy Framework Directive in 2008 have led to the emergence of new scientific programs for the analysis and the monitoring of underwater ecosystems. Based on an innovative hybrid concept, Ariane is designed to be operated from a wide range of light vessels without dynamic positioning capabilities as a key enabler to respond to the scientific community's requirements and comply with stringent budgetary constraints. After 6 years of development and technical sea trials, Ariane was commissioned in the beginning of 2017 for an opening cycle of scientific cruises. By the end of 2018, the system had totaled 130 dives that cover a representative panel of operations and highlight a number of innovating features.

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Raugel Ewen, Opderbecke Jan, Fabri Marie-Claire, Brignone Lorenzo, Rigaud Vincent (2019). Operational and scientific capabilities of Ariane, Ifremer's hybrid ROV. OCEANS 2019 - Marseille, 2019. ISBN:978-1-7281-1451-4, pp. 1-7. https://archimer.ifremer.fr/doc/00690/80230/