How to set a DOXY_ADJUSTED_ERROR in Coriolis NetCDF files

This note, that follows #RD4 recommendations, explains how the DOXY_ADJUSTED_ERROR information should be sent to Coriolis so that it will be propagated in Real Time into the profiles files and how the SCIENTIFIC_CALIB_COMMENT (of the DOXY parameter) will be set accordingly.

The PI must provide the estimated DOXY_ADJUSTED_ERROR of their floats together with the estimation method used (designated with a specific number from 0 to 3, see below).

The method number is then used by the decoder:

  • to determine the method used to propagate the provided error at the profile levels;
  • to set the SCIENTIFIC_CALIB_COMMENT associated to DOXY parameter.

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Racape Virginie, Schmechtig Catherine (2022). How to set a DOXY_ADJUSTED_ERROR in Coriolis NetCDF files. Coriolis.

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